Fabricantes de pistas de pádel de primera calidadFabricantes de pistas de pádel de primera calidad
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Construction of the biggest indoor padel in Portugal

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Padel court in Oliveira de Azemeis

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Cordoba, Spain

Padel tennis court in Fuente Palmera

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Sevila, Spain

Paddle tennis facility at the Hall of Residence

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We build paddle tennis courts adapted to your budget and needs

Padel Hispania is one of the most important companies in the installation and construction of padel courts in our country. Our team has carried out dozens of national and international projects, being especially active in Spain and Portugal.

We work with the utmost professionalism, analysing each project in detail. We adapt budgets and work to the needs and requirements of each case.

We specialise in the construction, manufacture and installation of paddle tennis courts for more than 10 years.

Our constructions comply with the most demanding standards to create high competition spaces. Padel Hispania’s materials are approved and of the highest quality. We create each space with the players in mind. To develop a first class sporting environment.

Request now your budget for the construction of padel courts and contact professionals.

We listen

We contact

We contact you directly to get to know your needs first hand, and work together on a project tailored to your circumstances.

Tailor-made quotations

We plan

We plan a tailor-made project to build the paddle court facility you need, without sacrificing the highest quality standards.

First class materials

We build

We build the paddle court installation that we have projected, in the time marked and with first quality materials, guaranteed by the Federation.


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