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Padel court construction project: steps and timing

12 de February de 2022

A project to build a paddle tennis court requires a series of specific steps and time. Here we are going to explain how to build a paddle tennis court step by step. What do we analyse? What should be taken into account for the project? How much space do I need? How long will it take for my paddle tennis court to be ready?

Padel court construction project step by step

At Padel Hispania we are in permanent contact with the client, following the evolution of the work we are going to carry out minute by minute. With personalised attention from the moment the potential client contacts us. This is the only way to carry out the installation that they really need. We do it in the following way:

The client calls or writes to us with the intention of building a paddle tennis court.
Apart from personal details, we need to know the location where the project is to be carried out.
We also have a first contact in which we ask for information about the type of paddle tennis court required, the intended purpose, and any other doubts that may arise during this first contact.
We study your case, and provide you with our professional point of view, advising and customising the paddle tennis court construction project to your needs.
We provide an estimate
The client accepts the budget
With the project underway, we confirm the area and space. We reconnoitre the land. Given the current circumstances, and with the aim of speeding up the construction, we are open to carrying out this inspection by videoconference.
Start of civil works: site preparation. This can be done by the client or we can do the work ourselves.
In the case that the conditioning is done by the client, we pass on the plans and direct the work if necessary, so that we have the right base for the construction of the runway.
With the appropriate flooring, we proceed to the installation of the paddle court, starting with the structure.
Can the court be adapted to the existing space?

A padel court has to be 20 metres long and 10 metres wide. To this we have to add 30 cm perimeter for the structure. Sometimes, the person interested in installing a paddle tennis court does not have all this space. However, he still wants to have a playing area. It is possible to adapt the court to the space available, although logically it will not be the official and usual measurements.

In any case, at Padel Hispania we adapt the measurements to the client’s availability, adapting the project to the area where the court is to be installed.

How long does it take to build a paddle tennis court?

The construction of a paddle tennis court takes between ten and fifteen days. If everything goes smoothly, and there are no unforeseen events, the sports facility will be ready for your enjoyment in that period of time, from the ok to the budget and the start of the work.

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