Fabricantes de pistas de pádel de primera calidadFabricantes de pistas de pádel de primera calidad

Panoramic paddle tennis court

12 de February de 2022

A panoramic paddle tennis court is one that allows a wider view from the outside. The entire structure surrounding the playing area is made of glass. This facilitates a complete view from anywhere outside the court.

It is mainly used for matches or tournaments of a certain importance. For example, in a paddle court complex, the centre court is built in panoramic mode, to give it more prominence. But what else makes them different from ‘normal’ courts? How much glass do they have? Do they have a higher price?

Panoramic padel court construction: differences to other courts

The construction of a panoramic padel court aims to make the game visible from the outside. But, from the inside, there are also important changes.

The sensation for the player is different, as it is a much more attractive and aesthetic playing area. This sensation is enhanced by the accesses that we have built at Padel Hispania, which are up to the level of this type of sports facility.

How many panes of glass does a panoramic paddle tennis court have?

In the past, padel courts were made up of 14 3×3 and four 3×3 panes. At Pádel Hispania we have created a state-of-the-art panoramic padel court, creating installations with 18 3×2 panes. In this way:

We achieve greater panoramic vision
We gained two metres, which is better from an aesthetic point of view.
We remove the step that was generated by the previous glass configuration.

We are talking about a sports facility that is very popular on the World Padel Tour (the professional padel circuit), so when a club wants a prominent court they use this model. It is also having a huge success outside our borders. Foreign clients of Padel Hispania are specifically interested in panoramic padel courts. They want the latest and the best, and this type of construction meets these needs.

What type of glass is used?

Top quality glass. Just like the rest of the materials used in a panoramic paddle tennis court. Specifically, it is laminated and tempered glass 12 millimetres thick. This is another difference compared to a standard padel court, which is 10 millimetres thick. The panoramic is therefore a more robust model.

What is the price of a panoramic paddle tennis court?

At Padel Hispania we always work together with the client. We will respond in a personalised way to your needs, based on the highest quality standards of our construction in panoramic padel courts: the World Panoramic Tour model.

The price is higher than that of a ‘conventional’ court. Although with higher standards of quality and elegance. In any case, we will always carry out a study of each case, making a personalised panoramic paddle tennis court quote, which you can request in our contact area.


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