Fabricantes de pistas de pádel de primera calidadFabricantes de pistas de pádel de primera calidad

Cristal padel: everything you need to know about that

12 de February de 2022

The glass in padel is a fundamental element. Firstly because it is part of the development of the game, since the ball bounces on it. It must, therefore, facilitate a smooth padel performance. Although, in recent times, it has taken on even more relevance, as the so-called panoramic padel courts have become more popular.

Pádel Hispania: innovating in the construction of padel courts

Until very recently, the courts were built with fourteen 3×3 panes and four 3×2 panes. We have been the creators of the latest generation of panoramic padel courts, with the integration of 18 panes of 3×2 glass for our facilities. With this change, we get more panoramic vision, and we gain two meters. We obtain more aesthetics, and we eliminate a step.

As manufacturers of approved paddle courts, we add first class technical characteristics. It is a laminated and tempered glass 10mm thick in the standard version, and 12mm thick for the panoramic padel courts of Padel Hispania. It is a material that withstands the weather perfectly, with great durability and that withstands without problems the temperature contrasts to which it can be subjected.

Glass in padel with panoramic courts

The use of our composition of panels, and the approved paddle glass, make our panoramic courts one of the most demanded elements for those who want to have the most modern and innovative for the practice of this sport.

When they ask us for models from abroad, they want the latest and best in panoramic courts. It is a model that has been used assiduously on the World Padel Tour circuit. Thus, when a club wishes to give prominence to one of its courts, or establish it as a ‘central’ court for important matches and tournaments, they ask us for this modality.

For these cases, we make entrances to competition courts, culminating in top level projects, both for the players themselves and for the public, as there is a very wide visibility from any point, thanks to this type of glass on court.

Pista padel gaia completa

Panoramic paddle tennis court